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We have multiple opportunities for groups to serve here at Meals on Wheels Pasco. We have our “ADOPT A ROUTE” program in which your group takes one route a week and rotates drivers. For example, there are 4 of you, each week one of you would do the route, eliminating the need to be here weekly, however still being able to donate your time and serve in this capacity. It’s a great way for your office or group to volunteer and build a team environment while giving back!

There are also opportunities for groups to come as a community service project and do things such as power washing, cleaning, lawn work, etc.

  • Your group can hold a fundraiser.
  • Your group can write letters or cards to our recipients.
  • You can make gifts through some type of group project.
  • Your group can volunteer to work at one of our community functions, such as Founders Day or the Harvest Festival.
  • The possibilities are endless. Call us today to see what your group can do to make a difference in the lives of our home-bound friends.

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