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Meals on Wheels Programs

Meal Delivery

Provides balanced, nutritious, and appealing meals to seniors, people with disabilities, and other members of our community who have limited ability to shop and/or prepare meals for themselves.


Volunteer to help make a difference today! Compassionate volunteers, whether driving, cooking, or helping in other ways are the heart of our organization.

Library Program

We have a library that hosts a variety of books. Simply let the office or your driver know what type of books you like to read and they will deliver them directly to you with your meal! Return it when you are done and get another!

Pet Program

Please let the office know during the intake process if you have a cat or dog. We don’t want you sharing your delicious lunches with them! We’ll bring them their own food!

Incontinence Supplies

Your privacy is a concern for us. Simply call the office to let them know of your need and we will deliver those supplies to you. We have a variety of styles and types for your convenience!

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