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Good Reasons to Donate

Meals on Wheels of East Pasco specializes in addressing the unique needs of  the most vulnerable, high-risk senior and disabled populations in our community. Since 1974, our services have effectively improved the quality of life for hundreds of people each year, while reducing the risk of hospital readmissions and overall healthcare costs. More importantly, we offer a kindness with every meal we serve.

Meals on Wheels Pasco also works as a health monitoring service. During the week, the people we serve trust our MOW volunteers in their homes and in their lives. We understand the gravity of our responsibility and do not take it lightly. Each home we enter gives us the unique abitliy to not only provide meals, but to assess the individualized health needs of each person.

Through our services, we:

• Improve and support health and recovery by delivering nutritious meals

• Increase well-being by providing the human contact that reduces isolation, depression and anxiety

• Reduce negative impacts on individuals health by assessing home environments and addressing threats or risks

Fueled by a commitment to address senior hunger and isolation, Meals on Wheels of East Pasco provides the basic support that seniors need to maintain their health and independence in our community.